Dear Friends, I am a heart patient, and migrated from Chennai to Bangalore in 2019. I was referred to Doctor Jayaprakash, Jayadeva Hospital by my Doctor to continue treatment. As a person I can evaluate Doctor Saurabh to you'll in one visit. I approached Doctor Saurabh who works under the miracle maker Heart Electro Surgeon Doctor Jayaprapash the best you can find. Though there were many patients, Doctor Saurabh welcomed me with great kindness and listened patiently about my heart history. He was very knowledgeable of his work and guided me correctly about my disease without making me panic. That’s the person he is. Regarding his practice, as he is trained under Doctor Jayaprakash, you can imagine the knowledge he has earned. He took my pacemaker interrogation, saw all my latest medical reports. As per my complaint he just told me to replace one tablet which he was sure was better than the previous. He encouraged me and told me not to worry, stress or panic, I'll be fine. Believe me friends, I changed my tablet he prescribed, and I started feeling better in couple of days. Till today after 2 years I have not made many changes to medication, except carry out some tests periodically. I thank Doctor Saurabh for his extreme kindness and patience towards his patients, making them feel safe and at home. I highly recommend him as a person and Doctor for anyone who would like to visit him at his practicing facility. Keep up the Good work Doctor Saurabh, and wish you the best for the future.Noel Dsouza